Saturday, September 12, 2015


I broke MY OWN RULE annnnnnnnnnnnd
I was inspired by this chick's outfit post over on Dainty Jewell's blog
 When I saw it I was just like, OMW, that's soooooo CUUUUTE!!!! It's mixed patterns...BUUUUUUUT I actually REALLY like the way it looks!!!
A few weekends later I was trying to figure out what I was going to wear to church on Sunday...I pulled out my pinstripe jacket...cuz it fits AGAIN...WHOOOOOHOOOOOO... and matched it with a royal blue shell underneath...buuuuuut I was thinking what else could I do to jazz it up a little and then I remembered that for my birthday, Denae and her mom- Sis. Abbott, gave me this beautiful floral scarf. I put it up against the blazer-jacket and LOVED it!!! I call this my...
Prison-Ministry-Wifey outfit...
Get it??? Prison stripes!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Before church, I'm sitting on the platform with Slinky, Stultz and me and I whisper to Slinky, I actually wore mixed patterns for the first time today...Stultz looks up from his seat at the end and was like, WAIT, I KNOW, I've heard  you making fun of girl's wearing mixed patterns before!!!! I'm like, WEEEEEEEEELLLLL...and I'm sure I still will in the future, buuuuuut what can I say, I look good today!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I wore my hair up in curls with another one of Denae's headbands I bought...
Annnnnnnd an adorable pink cross body purse
 on clearance from Target
I was very pleased with the results of my outfit!!!
Sooooooooo was my adorable little neicey!!!!!!
Needless to say, ANOTHER outfit that I am,

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pretty curls and floral!!

Soooooo this is from Tuesday of this week...I LOOOOOOVED the way my hair turned out!!! Annnnnnd I didn't really have to do anything to get it this way!!! I had done my hair in rolls this past Sunday, well in usual Mary way, I wore it in leftovers from Sunday on Monday, WELLLLLL by Tuesday, it definitely needed to be taken out!!!
Soooooooo AFTER I had taken all the rolls down, my hair was in these beautiful curls, wellll of course there was NO WAY I could brush these curls out, So I put it up in a high ponytail!!! I was absolutely thrilled with the results...
Annnnnnnd my outfit was this floral shirt that I've had for about three years...I was thinking about consigning it annnnnnnd then I was like, NOOOOOO, its SOOOOO pretty and feminine!!!!
I just looooooove the flowers and femininity of it...and the way the sleeves just kind of flow out of it!
Buuuuuuuut this was the end-of-the-day results of my BEAUTIFUL ponytail...
The curls DISSINEGRATED to my hairs natural state of STRAGHT stringiness...annnnnnd it was SOOOO HOT I threw the ponytail up into somewhat of a bun...Weeeeellllll....MESSY BUNS are in STYLE...HEEEEEEEYYYY!!! :))))
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Peachy-umpire-prison stripes!!!

Wore this earlier this week annnnnd thought this outwas fairly adorable...Sorry, I forgot to get a close up of my face with the hair accessory...OH WELL... Life GOES ON!!!! :)))))
My brothers couldn't make up their minds if I looked like an umpire or an escaped prisoner...AHAHAHA...
I mean, lets face it, I'm a pretty cute version of BOTH!!! Hee, hee!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, August 17, 2015

I have a crush on this blouse!!!

Seriousley, you guys have NO CLUE, how IN LOVE I am with this blouse!!!! Don't hate my lovin!!! AHHHAHAA!!! Annnnnnd I can't believe that I ACTUALLY look good in WHITE!!! I NEVER wear white...NEVERRRR!!! Maybe this means i'm going to get married soon...
you know...  WHITE?!?!?!

Ooooooh annnnnnnd CHECK OUT my perfectly matching sunglasses...
is that not the coolest match everrrrr?????
Soooooo this is the full length of my outfit...
you may notice that I'm actually a very SIMPLE dresser...almost ALWAYS a black skirt with a simple, buuuuut CUTE top!!! Then I just add some pretty hair accessories and do my hair up all nice...PEOPLE SAY i'm super fancy buuuuut I'm really NOT!!! I'm really not to into BIG ruffles on BIG girls...I'm jus sayin...I like it edge or fringe or trim my clothes...buuuut too much just makes you look like a giant wedding cake!!! At least in MY can do whatever YOU please!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnd LOOK at the back of it...
It has a TAIL!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
p.s. I normally don't switch outfits from morning to night services on Sunday, buuuuut clothing malfunctions do happen!!! :)))
p.p.s. NO STAINS ON MY WHITE SHIRT EITHER...that is a total and complete MIRACLE!!!

Jus cuz it fits...

Soooooooooo I kinda had a waste-money-moment this weekend!!! There was this really cute shirt I've been eying for a while at a consignment shop, Turnstyle. Weeeeellll every time I have seen it and thought it was sooooo pretty, buuuuut whenever I tried it on it was TOO SMALL!!! Well this past weekend, while I was dropping off MORE clothes to consign, as they were looking through them...I was browsing...I know...BAD MARY...anyway, I saw this shirt was on CLEARANCE, 50% OFF OF THE ALREADY 50% PRICE!!! So I thought SURELY this was God telling me to try it on ONE MORE TIME!!! Soooooo I put it on and LO AND BEHOLD... IT FIT!!! I was like sooooo estatic I forgot to ACTUALLY look in the mirror and see if it looked GOOD ON ME...OOOOPS!!!
Soooooooooo as you can see in this pic below, the color looks really good on me....
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut...the way the shirt hangs on me DOES NOT!!! Its just kinda baggy and not really long enough for my frame...I did NOT like the way it looked!!! Baggy clothes on ANYONE over a size 6 is pretty much a NO, NO!!!
Buuuuuuuuuuuuut I really wanted to wear it....Sooooo I tried with a little belt today.... annnnnnnnnnd it looked CUUUUUTE...buuuuuuuut... it was super uncomfortable and the belt wasn't staying in place and cuz the shirt wasn't long I kept checking during prayer to make sure it wasn't up to high...sooooooo yeah...
Back to the consignment store it is going!!! Unless anyone out there wants to buy it off of me...Jones New York, 100% PURE SILK, size 22...if your shorter it may work for  you!!! Annnnnnd it still has the original tags on it, it was originally $89...yeah, so I guess the person that consigned it had never even worn it....unless they were like me and didn't cut the tags off so that the consignment store would be like, OH its brand new...buuuuut MOST people aren't like me and go to church with the tags still on!!! Heeeeey they were INSIDE the shirt people!!!
Sooooooooo the moral of this post is, ACTUALLY LOOK IN THE MIRROR BEFORE BUYING SOMETHING!!! And if your interested in the shirt, $20 bucks... email me at
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Blue, blue, POLKA DOTS!!!

Another shirt I'm IN LOVE with!!! Got it from my favorite consignment shot out here in AZ, Turnstyle!!! The cool thing is that the shirt was 50% off and then I had store credit from other clothes I had consigned, soooo was a great deal!!!
Wore it with my black jean skirt...
My black fringe purse...
Light blue,lace shell underneath...$3 at Walmart peeps!!!
Flower made by Denae...

Oooooooh annnnnnd this is my favorite part...
Maybe you guys can't see it, buuuuuut the sleeves roll up and have little baby polka dots on them...Makes my heart just MELT!!! HEE, HEE!!!!
Wait I took a close up of the sleeve...
See all the lil baby polka dots??? They're sooooooo cuuuuute!!! AWWWWW!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cutesy hearts and blue!!

Another thing I LOOOOOVE is HEARTS!!! They're SOOOOO CUTESY!!!
I inherited this shirt from my big for her...
I put this turquoise tank underneath to add some brightness to it....
My sis said she had never thought to do that...I'm thinking you could change it up A LOT depending on what you decide to put under it, how you do your hair and what you put in your hair...I'll go for another look next time I wear it...
I like taking the same thing and changing it up...I get bored easily with my clothes and am always trying to spice it up for myself...btw: MJ is my photographer, she rolls her eyes everytime I ask her to do a shoot...AHAHAHAHA!!!
RANDOM THOUGHT: Guys, well, ya know, MANLY guys, kinda wear THE SAME clothes over and over again for YEARS and they never get tired or bored of them, ANNNND THE WEIRD THING IS, I don't get bored of them wearing it over and over again!!! I mean, as long as they look good...HEEEEEEYYY!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Mary Skirt!!!

This skirt has MY NAME written ALL OVER IT!!!
Have ALWAYS loved this outfit!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)

Baby girl pink!!!

I loved everything about this blouse today...its so feminine in my opinion...
Especially love the lace on the sleeves!!! My hair is leftover from Sunday!!!
Full outfit...okaaaay the sneakers aren't to cuuuute buuuuut heeeey we gotta still be practical when your flat-footed  ya know!!!  Anywayz, I think the rest of the femininity makes up for the sneakers!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Best-Navy Sailorish

Sometimes I think I want to make a blog just to post all my outfits...I LOOOOOOVE dressing cuuuuute you guys!!! I'm always asking my friends to send me pics of what they wore, it brings joy to see my friends looking beautiful!!! Purrrrrrr!!!

Oooooh annnnd I had a good hair day too!!! YAAAAAYYY!!!
I don't really know what else to say tho...except I LOVED MY OUTFIT!!! LOL Maybe this is the part where I'm supposed to list where I got everything...Lets see,
Anchor Shell=Walmart,
 Headband=Denae Abbott
(She's the best, you all should buy from her, $8, that's WAAAAAAY cheaper than your average flower seller, and support an evangelist's daughter...I'm jus sayin! Oooooh and her CD's, she has a new Christmas album out, place your orders You can also find her music on iTunes ) 
Hair=Aussie freeze and a curling iron
♥Mary Frances :)