Saturday, September 12, 2015


I broke MY OWN RULE annnnnnnnnnnnd
I was inspired by this chick's outfit post over on Dainty Jewell's blog
 When I saw it I was just like, OMW, that's soooooo CUUUUTE!!!! It's mixed patterns...BUUUUUUUT I actually REALLY like the way it looks!!!
A few weekends later I was trying to figure out what I was going to wear to church on Sunday...I pulled out my pinstripe jacket...cuz it fits AGAIN...WHOOOOOHOOOOOO... and matched it with a royal blue shell underneath...buuuuuut I was thinking what else could I do to jazz it up a little and then I remembered that for my birthday, Denae and her mom- Sis. Abbott, gave me this beautiful floral scarf. I put it up against the blazer-jacket and LOVED it!!! I call this my...
Prison-Ministry-Wifey outfit...
Get it??? Prison stripes!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Before church, I'm sitting on the platform with Slinky, Stultz and me and I whisper to Slinky, I actually wore mixed patterns for the first time today...Stultz looks up from his seat at the end and was like, WAIT, I KNOW, I've heard  you making fun of girl's wearing mixed patterns before!!!! I'm like, WEEEEEEEEELLLLL...and I'm sure I still will in the future, buuuuuut what can I say, I look good today!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I wore my hair up in curls with another one of Denae's headbands I bought...
Annnnnnnd an adorable pink cross body purse
 on clearance from Target
I was very pleased with the results of my outfit!!!
Sooooooooo was my adorable little neicey!!!!!!
Needless to say, ANOTHER outfit that I am,