Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Big Sis' Christmas Outfit!!!

Today, we at Fluffy Girly Girl, would like to feature my sis's Christmas dress...
Pic was taken at my dad's house, in front of his tree...
Awwwww I love LACE!!! My sis almost chickened out to wearing this dress, which I'm NOT sure WHY...buuuut yeah, I DID NOT ALLOW HER TO NOT WEAR IT!!! See, that's WHY she's got a lil sis like ME!!! Like, okaaaaay IF i'm wearing an all sequined skirt...and I weigh 100 pounds MORE than you, I'm pretty sure you can wear your all lace black dress and NOT be worried about looking OVER DONE!! LOL
Anywayz, her shoes and headband are from Payless and her dress is from Nuggles!!!
♥Mary Frances :)